Around and about the Chambres de la ville d’Ys in Cléden-Cap-Sizun


Explore the various walks and places of interest in the neighbourhood

There is a multiplicity of landmarks, beauty spots and places of interest in the vicinity of

 our guesthouse – headlands, bays, coves, picturesque hamlets, as well as the usual shopping centers.

Landmark sites near the Chambres de la ville d’Ys 

Discover the famous Pointe du Raz and its sister promontory the Pointe du Van. These two headlands are separated by the superb beach of the Baie des Trépassés a must for surfers. A few kilometers offshore lies the island of Sein, visitable by daily boat from the nearby port of Audierne. The sea-trip to the island allows a very different perspective on the rocky Pointe du Raz.

Also nearby 

The bird reserve, the wind-farm and the wind museum at Goulien.

  • Audierne and its harbour and beaches.
  • The quaint township of Pont-Croix at the head of the Goyen estuary with its fine church and steep cobbled streets

Sporting and Cultural Activities 

Nearby too are the usual sports centers, especially for sea-sports – surfing and sailing schools, sea-kayaking, scuba diving. Cultural activities organized in the summer season include art exhibitions, concerts in local chapels, religious processions, rural fêtes – Fest Noz – evenings with food and dancing, fish suppers on the beaches

Chambres de la ville d’Ys invites you to spend an enjoyable stay in Brittany and benefit from all the pleasures on offer – environmental, cultural, sporting and gastronomic.

For further information and room reservations, please contact Chambres de la ville d’Ys at our internet contact or by phoning (+33) 06 77 42 69 83 (mobile).

maison d’hôtes à Cléden-Cap-Sizun Les alentours des Chambres de la ville d'Ys à Cléden-Cap-Sizun

The Legend of the Ville d’Ys 

In days of old, the township of Ys (sometimes spelt ‘Is’) was the loveliest city in the world, so lovely that when the French built their capital they named it ‘Par-is’, meaning ‘like Ys’ … so some do say. Ys was surrounded by impressive city walls and thrashed by the waves. At high tide, the waters besieged the town. They beat against the heavy gates, which it was said had been made by goblins and were unbreakable. The only keys were kept by the king, on a cord round his neck night and day. His name was Gradlon.

In those days, Gradlon reigned over the western Breton kingdom of Cornouaille, assisted by two saintly counselors, the monk Guénolé and the hermit Corentin. The latter he appointed bishop and lord of Quimper. The king had a daughter, Dahut, the fairest of the fair for whom he built a magnificent town, the ville d’Ys, sited in Douarnenez Bay. It was surrounded by dykes and sluice-gates to defend it from the sea. The king alone kept the keys. There, Dahut lived a life of pleasure and of ease.

One day, on the dyke, she met a charming knight who persuaded her to steal the keys from her father’s neck. She purloined them while he was asleep and handed them over to the red knight – none other than the Devil in disguise. He lost no time in opening the sluices, whereupon the city sank beneath the waves. Alone of its inhabitants Gradlon on his steed Morva’ch, together with Guénolé, managed to escape, but not before Guénolé had persuaded his sovereign to abandon Dahut to the waters. She drowned and was changed into the sea-siren Morgane who still today lures sailors to their doom.